“The kitchen has always felt like home to me. Surrounded by fresh ingredients, a stove, pots, pans and a lot of love. Every dish reflects who I am”.

At an early age, I discovered the joy for cooking at work as my Mamama’s Sous-Chef. She prepared many Peruvian and Italian classic dishes. She was not just an expert cook, but a wonderful woman. She will always be a strong force in my life.

I left Lima Peru in February 2012 to begin a new life with my husband in Santa Rosa, California. Soon, I began looking for new challenges. My passion for food – cooking, teaching and eating – led me to start my first food-based business venture.

By offering cooking classes at a demonstration kitchen in a local supermarket, developing special events, Pop-Ups and private dining services as well as donating authentic Peruvian dinners to non-profit organizations, I have found a way to share my passion for cuisine with my community.

My ultimately goal is to create a legacy for my family. It is my deep commitment to food, community, and family that makes every dish more than just a meal, but truly an unforgettable experience.