Pachamamma Restaurant, Florida


From beautiful Florida and the “Pachamamma Restaurant” I have to share with you the main dishes we ordered that were delicious!
Lomo Saltado was juicy, the tenderness of the beef was excellent. Arroz con Mariscos was very tasty, and that mix of flavors took me back to the remote fishing towns in northern Peru. Pescado a lo Macho was made with fresh sea food. Tacu-Tacu was crunchy and the tenderness of the seafood was excellent, combined with a perfectly spice sauce. Chaufa con Mariscos was a reminiscent of Calle Capon, Lima’s famous China town, a perfect balance of soy sauce and ginger. And the Chicha Morada was perfectly made with purple corn, cinnamon, pineapple and lime juice.

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