Delicia de Key Lime



Hello my Friends!

Tonight we have some friends that will join us for dinner, and I just finish with the preparation of the dessert! Is it super simple and refreshing for your palate, this is my “Delicia de Key Lime”, the meaning of the word “delicia” means delicious, but for some reason in Spanish sound more romantic and sexy… Ok, the recipe is the following:


10 key limes juice

1/2 bar of cream cheese

1/2 can of Condense milk

1/2 tsp. key lime peel

3 vanilla cookies

3 raspberries



1. Whisk the cream cheese with the key lime juice until it looks uniform and smooth.

2. Incorporate de condense milk and the key lime peel.

3. In champagne glasses layer the vanilla cookies broken with your hand, the cream cheese mousse, and top it with a raspberry!


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