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Delight your palate and surround yourself with the exciting, colorful, and exotic food of Peru. Blending a passion for Peru, laughter, and the cuisine of my homeland, I’ve become a celebrated chef, educator, and entertaining ambassador for everything PERU! Its cuisine, a product of 500 years of fusion of Chinese, Japanese, African, Spanish, and Inca cultures, Peruvian cuisine is filled with rich flavors, aromas, and stories. Join me in this culinary adventure to discover amazing flavors…and most of all recognize the main ingredient: LOVE!


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The kitchen has always felt like home to Olenka Orjeda. At an early age, she took great joy in being her grandmother’s sous chef as she prepared classic Peruvian and Italian food. Her grandmother was a strong force in her life, inspiring and encouraging her love of cooking. Olenka has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management, Marketing and Trade Commerce from Peruvian Universities. No matter what jobs she held as a young woman, she always returned to the kitchen.

Olenka Orjeda left Lima Peru in February 2012 to begin a new life with her husband in Santa Rosa, California. Soon, she began looking for new challenges. Her passion for food – cooking, teaching and eating – led her to start her first food-based business venture. By offering cooking classes at a demonstration kitchen in a local supermarket, developing special events, Pop-Ups and private cook services and donating authentic Peruvian dinners to non-profit organizations, Olenka has found a way to share her passion for cuisine with her local community.

Chef Olenka Orjeda, with her bubbly and strong personality plans to make her mark on the Peruvian food scene and its future. She feels a responsibility to introduce her native dishes and cocktails as a Peruvian ambassador. This food is “unique” she says!

Ultimately, her goal is to create a legacy for her family. It is this deep commitment to food, community, and family that makes every dish that Olenka creates more than just a meal, but truly an unforgettable experience.

You can follow Olenka’s adventures through Facebook.